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Veterans & Military Support Program

It is our intention, to use 100% of the funds raised through this program to take care of and treat local veterans & military that could not otherwise afford our services. This is how we can best serve those who would most benefit and provide care to a community that has given so much.

Funds raised will go directly towards a CARE PLAN for treating a local veteran (6 treatment minimum).  These treatments will be very different from the NADA/Battlefield clinics we have hosted in the past.  While the treatment provided in the group setting can be excellent for offering some relief, they are not at the heart of the work we do on a daily basis.

Each care plan offered will include a full “New Patient Intake” which allows us to personalize treatments for the individual and get more in-depth with treatment - this is our typical process with all private patients and this is where FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE, Dr. Devynne, and Dr. James excel at their work.

The Project & the Mission

The phrase, 'every little bit helps' is a mindset, a rationalization, and a starting point we use to determine where we, JING SHEN HEALING ARTS, can best serve, contribute and be most effective when it comes to giving back within our community.

During a time when so many people are struggling for various reasons, it's nice to take a moment to pause and to remember our purpose. It's nice to take a moment to appreciate the positive impact that our work has had on the lives of those we have been fortunate enough to work with over the years. It is always incredibly rewarding getting to help so many individuals on their journeys. At times that help comes in the form of relief from a myriad of physical symptoms/ailments, and sometimes it means offering mental/emotional support because that is where we can have the greatest impact.

why this project & why now?

COVID has changed things for so many individuals from all walks of life and has presented each of us with opportunities to reflect, re-assess, and grow. One effect, and the biggest disappointment, we’ve had this year with COVID, is its effect on our office in regards to the work we do with the local Military & Veteran community.

Anyone who has followed us for a while knows how passionate we are about being able to give back and help the Veteran and military families in our community. Since the shutdown and re-opening, we have had to limit the gatherings within our space to primarily, private sessions with patients.  Essentially, we are only seeing one patient at a time. This has also meant, no group clinics and/or events. The event we miss the most is the FREE community (group) NADA/Battlefield acupuncture clinics we host for our veterans, military, and first responders. In limiting our work to private sessions only, it has consequently limited the number of people that we are able to reach. So, we adjust…

The Adjustment

One of the earliest lessons we learned, doing the work that we do, was in developing an understanding that as much as we may want to, we cannot reach everyone. However, within that, we also have to remind ourselves that every little bit helps and makes a difference.  You never truly know when that ‘little bit’ may change a life, or when it may be just what a person needs in order to move through a struggle that we, oftentimes, may not even be aware of.

Even though we currently feel that it is safest to continue not holding group clinics, we have been able to continue offering support for a small portion of this population through our private sessions. This is an area/service that has always been part of what we do and has remained unchanged! As we reassess how to best help, the question becomes how do we expand our reach to serve more of those in need? How do adjust in a way to offer more to those we can no longer serve because of our inability to offer the free group sessions?

Prior to COVID, the group clinics were the most talked about part of the work that we do for the Military & Veteran community, but in reality, it is the smallest piece of what we actually offer within the clinic. Truth be told, the private (one-on-one) sessions are the most profound work that we get to do with patients who make their way in and we've always had multiple options for making our work accessible to those who need it. We have always had a desire to expand these offerings.

Private sessions are where we excel. This is where we get to dive in, one on one with a patient, get to know their story, and develop an understanding of their specific needs. That time, care, and attention allows us the space to create a care plan with the intent of shifting away from the pain and discomfort, and begin moving life towards the health that we have envisioned for ourselves.

The “Every Little Bit Helps” campaign is how we have decided to shift things within our space. This program is about creating the potential to do MORE of this work for MORE people while also creating a space for the community to come together in kindness, love, and support. The goal of this program is to create an avenue to give back in a meaningful way by offering support to a group of people who have sacrificed so much for us. This is the deeper work that we do, we are good at it and we have witnessed it help so many. This is where we know we can have the greatest impact.

Make no mistake, we will continue to do the work that we can (as we always have). HOWEVER anything you are willing to contribute to this project will allow us to reach further into the community, and just maybe we can help begin to heal what is broken about the current system, while also touching the life of someone you may or may not know in a positive way.

Warmest regards and much appreciation for your consideration. Thank you for the time invested in learning about who we are, as we launch what we hope will be an ongoing effort to serve where service is needed. Let us make a positive impact on our community as we remember...Every Little Bit Helps!

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