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We are proud to be family-owned and operated while remaining family-oriented in our approach. We are a father-daughter duo of practitioners, each extensively trained in CLASSICAL & FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE with a thorough understanding of TRADITIONAL CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINES. Our mission is to remain authentic and steadfast in our dedication to practicing the medicine the way it was intended while honoring our passion and commitment to be of service to the Kalispell and Flathead Valley community.

Our personal lives have been enriched by FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE and a more authentic approach to ACUPUNCTURE and CLASSICAL CHINESE MEDICINE. Our OWN experiences of HEALING were powerful and life-changing for our family. We have since dedicated a lifetime to living, learning, practicing, and sharing this East Asian medicine approach that goes beyond treating chronic pain and symptom relief.

We look forward to sharing the healing potential of a truly holistic, all-encompassing approach to addressing your health concerns in a safe, effective, and drug-free healing environment!


Dr. James and Dr. Devynne each hold Bachelor's Degrees in Health Science and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture, meeting the minimum requirements to be nationally certified and state-licensed in Montana. They have also dedicated themselves to going further by completing the work required to receive their Doctorate degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

We are proud to have exceeded the minimum, proud of the achievement, and proud of the knowledge gained!

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The difference in education goes beyond degrees. Modern-day TCM-trained practitioners learn a form of East Asian & Oriental Medicine referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While often effective at resolving symptomology, the modernized version of the medicine is missing something. Having been classically trained as doctors and practitioners of Five Element Acupuncture, we have studied the medicine differently and understand the intricacies which allow for a different approach. An approach that is unique to our Kalispell clinic.


Classical Five Element Acupuncture

Education absolutely matters but at the root of our training; we understand what matters most is how we apply the knowledge gained. Understanding is cultivated within the practitioner of FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE; that knowledge becomes the guide. While well versed and up to date with all of the research and modern techniques employed today within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dr. James and Dr. Devynne have dedicated their studies to learning a more classical approach to medicine.

The cultivation of the practitioner cultivates an ability to affect change in the body at the deepest level, a level beyond the obvious. Experience has shown that the most profound changes happen when the healing reaches the core of the concerns. This leads to a depth of healing and support beyond symptom management for many conditions.

Why does it matter?

The most skilled practitioners have developed their abilities to a level that requires more than what TCM offers today, a different understanding and a different approach altogether. A skill that requires a willingness to look beyond the obvious patterns and think beyond the prescriptions of points.

"We pride ourselves on having cultivated an innate ability to connect with, listen to, and meet the needs of our clients."

What can you expect with acupuncture treatment?

Gentle, kind, & compassionate! Expect better acupuncture and better results! Expect individualized care, as the medicine was intended! Expect access to an expertise in Kalispell that is dedicated to spending the time to get to know you and your story! Our work with you will be unique, personal, complex, educational, HEALING, and complete! We are committed to treating you as a person, not a list of symptoms and commited to working with you to develop a strategy that is rooted in a shared vision of what a life of optimal health would look and feel like to you!

what do our acupuncturists treat?

Regardless of your treatment goals, most individuals new to us are surprised to learn that our approach's most common side effects start with an improvement in sleep, better digestion, increased energy, better mood, and a general sense of feeling better!

We consider ourselves a general practice. We treat a wide variety of ailments and a variety of age groups; we have found that regulating the natural rhythms of the bodies of the young &/or old can profoundly affect most conditions and improve the overall wellness of most individuals.

Western medicine acknowledges the effect that acupuncture treatments can have on pain management, and they continue to discover, through their own research, the positive effects on other functions of the body. They may not completely understand how acupuncture treatment works, how it affects the brain, memory issues, the autonomic nervous system, blood circulation, asthma, digestion, or even how it helps with anxiety, but the proof is in the results! The testimonials we get daily in our Kalispell MT clinic are confirmation enough for our community. CLICK HERE TO READ TESTIMONIALS

We have successfully treated many physical conditions such as migraines, insomnia, asthma, allergies, digestive issues, chronic pain, tinnitus, or acute or chronic injuries with Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. We have had amazing results in treating women's health issues, especially women's reproductive problems (PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, etc.). Acupuncture is also well known in the Western medical circles for having a tremendous impact on fertility/infertility issues in both men & women.

One area of wellness that gets little attention that we have personally had a significant impact on the lives of our patients is the area of mental health. Some of the most rewarding work we have done is in the field of mental health, treating ranges of depression, stress, and/or anxiety. Our work in the field of trauma recovery and PTSD has been life-changing for our patients and their families.

Methods & Treatment Options

A classical perspective offers more than acupuncture needles and is a wonderful stand-alone approach; however, results can be astounding when supported by all that this medicine has to offer!

Jing Shen Healing Arts Chinese Herb samples displayed in Kalispell Montana
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy

Our Montana Acupuncture clinic has a fully stocked wellness pharmacy, herbs, oils, patents, and powders, a unique feature of our Kalispell office. Our fully stocked onsite herbal dispensary enables us to maintain the integrity of our ingredients and ensure that you receive the safest, most effective remedies.  The on-site ingredients allow our custom herbal remedies to be designed specifically to your goals. It also allows us to thoughtfully and meticulously customize and modify remedies as your health improves.

Fire Cupping and Gua Sha Therapies

Tight Muscles? Chronic Pain? Looking for a treatment that can provide some relief to your symptoms that go beyond the pharmacy and pain medications? Cupping Therapy is a fabulous addition to your acupuncture session and a wonderful alternative to massage therapy.

Gua Sha is a technique used for numerous conditions, including but not limited to pain. Our athlete patients especially love the relief it provides. Do you have post-operative scarring or scar tissue? This is a technique that can aid in healing and recovery!

Jing Shen Healing Arts acupuncturist in Kalispell Montana performing Fire Cupping
Jing Shen Healing Arts acupuncturist in Kalispell Montana performing Moxibustion
Moxibustion Therapy

Classical and Five Element Acupuncture traditions teach that a Doctor of Acupuncture is not practicing the medicine to its full potential if they are not incorporating MOXIBUSTION into their work. We are well versed and trained in the traditional approach to the technique. Most of our patients love the added benefits of the inclusion of moxibustion.

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