Treatment: Headaches & Migraines

HEADACHES &/or MIGRAINES, no two people’s experiences are the same.  As you can see from this picture, this one symptom can fit into a bunch of different “categories” or what we would call patterns in Chinese Medicine.  

Questions we may ask include:

  • Where is it located?
  • Is the pain dull & achy or sharp, fixed & stabbing? Or is it more of a general discomfort?
  • How long do they last? Hours? Days? Weeks?

*We’ve treated people who have not been pain free in YEARS.

  • How frequently do they occur?
  • Any known triggers? Emotions? Hormone Fluctuations? Food? Weather? Etc…?
  • Ladies, are they connected to your cycle?

When we combine the answers to these questions with other information gathered through our paperwork and intake process (health assessment) &&& look at it collectively through our unique lenses as CLASSICAL FIVE ELEMENT practitioners, we get a better understanding of YOUR experience of the headaches &/or migraines.  

From here, we are able to design treatments &/or herbal formula specifically for YOU to address your concerns. An individualized approach to treatment give us the best chance of not only getting rid of the headaches &/or migraines, but helping them to stay away!