the needle is the person

At Jing Shen Healing Arts, we pride ourselves in staying true to the ORIGINAL essence of and the CLASSICAL roots of this medicine.

What does that mean? It means we tend to stay away from the fads, gadgets, and gizmos that show in up in various forms as the next great “cure” or the “newest, latest, and greatest” technology.

The GREATEST tool we can offer is ourselves. In order to best serve our patients we must understand that we, as practitioners, are integral to the process. In its purest form the tools of AUTHENTIC Chinese Medicine are needles, moxibustion, fire cupping, herbs, and the practitioner who understands their potential.

In order to truly advance the medicine and effect the greatest change, we must remain dedicated to advancing ourselves, doing our own work. Showing up in our own lives with INTEGRITY and genuine willingness to do the same work we ask of every patient that walks through our door!! #theneedleistheperson