What Are MOXA Cones and How Does Moxibustion Enhance Acupuncture?

MOXA cones, used in the practice of moxibustion, are herbal heat treatments that enhance acupuncture by promoting pain relief, reducing anxiety, and supporting immune and menstrual health.

Moxibustion, moxa for short, is a therapeutic herbal heat treatment used by our acupuncturists. It is a technique that is used traditionally within Chinese Medicine to enhance treatments. The cones are made up of dried, and specially processed mugwort plants. (Artemesia Vulgaris), they are added to acupuncture points on the body.

Moxa may be added for many reasons: treatment of pain, emotions, anxieties, or simply to give you a little boost. It can be very helpful for strengthening the immune system and building energy in our deficient or immune-compromised patients. Our female patients especially love it when used in combination with acupuncture to relieve PMS symptoms and regulate their menstrual cycles.

It’s a wonderful addition if it’s right for your case!