Living in Harmony – Season of Spring

What does it mean to live in accordance with the seasons?

What does each season ask of us?

Often, we create exceptions about “consistency” and “rhythm” within our lives and then beat ourselves up when we slip from the ideal we hold in our heads.

We pressure ourselves and limit “downtime” in order to avoid “being unproductive” because it means not getting enough done.

We avoid rest and eventually burn ourselves to get “all the things” done.

What if we learned to recognize that each season asks something different from us? What if we understood that rhythm requires varying tempos that are not simply on and off. What if we allowed ourselves to become fluid in what we need (for ourselves) by aligning ourselves with the natural rhythms of life & nature, the seasons.

Consider the ease found when we move in the direction of the river’s flow instead of trying to force things against the grain.

Life can be more fluid when we understand what is being asked of us during varying times of the year.

It is only fitting that we begin this conversation in the SPRING. A time when what is being asked of us can be an explosion of things. The transition from Winter to Spring is that of an animal coming out of hibernation. Did you take your downtime and Hibernate this winter?

If we rested adequately during the winter and were mindful of using our resources/reserves sparingly, then it is very likely that we are itching to get moving. Ready to burst forward to begin what’s new!

Some of us may notice an urge or unsettledness as the season transitions that feel like “FINALLY, let’s go!” Those folks are ready for full steam ahead! Spring gives us permission to move forward, go forth and conquer, and do all the things that we’ve been planning throughout the downtime of winter.

For another group of us, especially if we haven’t managed our reserves well, we may feel like we need an extended rest or may even feel like “what rest?” That could indicate that maybe we are going through life too hard. Still, others (the late bloomers) may be cozy/comfy in hibernation and rest mode and are not ready/motivated to “go” just yet.

“Spring” will likely look different for everyone & really should. Each of our step-into-action ‘to- do’ should look unique. However, NONE of it should feel manic and should have direction. A strong vision/plan for life’s unfolding is another barometer that gives insight regarding how well we are maneuvering life while also speaking to the “health” of our bodies.

Finding, cultivating, and maintaining this harmony is reflected in our mind, our body, and our spirit. We will cover this more in the coming weeks.

How do we get started? What if I can’t imagine a plan (or vision) for my day, let alone life? “I’m just trying to get it all done!” Then let’s start there. Does your life feel nourishing to you? Are you moving in a direction that feels forward and purposeful? Do you dare pause with the endless tasks and to-dos to consider that there could be more joy? Where are you feeling

Stuck/stagnant? What if we would give ourselves permission to simply consider projects and to-do lists that support the vision of a life that would feel more joyful? Then, even if the steps are tiny, we can feel encouraged that we are moving in a nourishing direction.