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This corner of our website was inspired by you, our patients, and our community. Over the years, we have been asked countless times for a place to find further reading related to the knowledge shared inside the walls of our treatment rooms. We are excited about the interest and opportunity to share the beauty and philosophies that exist within the medicine that we love and practice.

As Doctors of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, we have had opportunities to learn and study with some amazing teachers. However, one of the beauties of our version of the medicine is its tradition of being primarily an oral tradition with minimal text or resources to explore or share. Teachings have been passed from teacher to student; learning was intended to be done by experiencing the medicine.

There are textbooks available and resources with charts, diagrams, and all of the scientific jargon to support the efficacy of what we do. There have been hours of study to gain the proper degrees and national boards to ensure we digested all the information required to practice. Still, the beauty is in the medicine's poetry, art, and the practitioner's skill to embody and share it. The beauty of our understanding is typically what our patients ask for more of, and that's not to be found in an easily digestible book.

We are excited to write, share, and hopefully inspire folks who find their way here. Inspire you to be curious and intrigued about the possibility that maybe there is a better way to think about our health. We love to inform and answer questions so that the methods may not seem so foreign. We hope to educate so that our community can advocate for themselves and choose the path forward that is rooted in knowledge.

We want to challenge those in our profession to do their work to be their best to show up for our patients daily. Most folks would agree that there should be no higher calling regarding healthcare and patient care than maintaining our integrity while practicing medicine. We firmly believe that elevating understanding benefits all of our community and invites conversation and a deeper perspective. We hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out. CLICK HERE if we can answer any questions or help in any way!

Can acupuncture help migraine sufferers?

Can acupuncture help migraine sufferers? Treating migraines with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine If you’ve had any sort of conversation with us in person about FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE, then you’ve probably heard us use headaches as an example of how different and unique our work is. We’ve had a lot of success treating headaches. Because of … Read more


TRADITIONAL CUPPING THERAPY KALISPELL, MT This article is part two of our series on Traditional Cupping Methods. In our first article, in our own reverse-engineered way, we essentially spoke about what cupping is not. We wanted to share that there is more to this time-tested treatment method than “place cups on the body and wait … Read more

It begins with Us!

What goes into training a practitioner of Five Element acupuncture? Understanding! While our training includes years of studying Chinese Medicine theory, Western biomedical theory, acupuncture strategy, point location, and safety…The core of our training was an invitation to dive into, study, and learn OURSELVES. The focus of our approach is on doing our own internal … Read more

What are those cones?

They are MOXA cones! Moxibustion, moxa for short, is a therapeutic herbal heat treatment used by our acupuncturists. It is a technique that is used traditionally within Chinese Medicine to enhance treatments. The cones are made up of dried, and specially processed mugwort plants. (Artemesia Vulgaris), they are added to acupuncture points on the body. … Read more

Fire Cupping – What’s the Goal?

TURNING YOU PURPLE IS NOT THE GOAL! Common misconceptions about cupping: – the dark ‘marks’ mean it’s working – it helps you to “detox”  (another one of those buzz words we love so much) – only athletes use cupping therapy. Did you know cupping is A BRANCH WITHIN CHINESE MEDICINE? Massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists … Read more

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Raw Herbs

At Jing Shen Healing Arts we offer our herbal products in varying forms, including capsules, powders (granules), and tinctures. However, as Doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, we have a passion for remaining rooted in maintaining the traditions of these medicinals; we love the herbs in raw form! Patients and Colleagues: What do you mean … Read more

Treatment: Headaches & Migraines

HEADACHES &/or MIGRAINES, no two people’s experiences are the same.  As you can see from this picture, this one symptom can fit into a bunch of different “categories” or what we would call patterns in Chinese Medicine.   Questions we may ask include: Where is it located? Is the pain dull & achy or sharp, fixed & … Read more

image of dr. devynne berry doing CrossFit

Memorial Day MURPH

For the last 4 years, Dr. Devynne has participated/completed some version of the CrossFit MURPH workout on (around) Memorial Day; it is one way we are able to honor Veterans & Military outside the walls of the clinic! Unfamiliar with MURPH? Read more below… …(from btwb) “Murph” is a classic CrossFit workout known as a … Read more

Acupuncturist holding hand of patient for pulse diagnosis

Paths to Getting Started with Care

Plain & simple, we would love to work with you! There are two paths to getting started whether you are in Kalispell, MT and intend to visit us in person at our clinic for acupuncture &/or herbs OR are interested in our distance/tele-health/coaching sessions. Option 1: 30-minute Consultation: Meet in person with one of our … Read more

plaque in the shape of Montana given to Jing Shen healing arts as an appreciation for all of their work they do with veterans and acupuncture


We are excited to find this piece (see above) a home in our new clinic! It is an honor to receive this recognition from our time and work in South Carolina with the military & veteran population and their families! It is some of the most rewarding work we do and means more than you … Read more